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A sex doll (also love doll or blowup doll) is a type of sex toy in the size and shape of a sexual partner for aid in masturbation. The sex doll may consist of an entire body with face, or just a head, pelvis or other partial body, with the accessories (vagina, anus, mouth, penis). The parts are sometimes vibrating and may be removable or interchangeable.

Sex Dolls History Lesson

Dutch sailors invented the first sex dolls in the seventeenth century who would be isolated at sea. These masturbatory dolls, referred to by the French as “dame de voyage” and by the Spanish as “dama de viaje”, were made of sewn cloth or old clothes. The Dutch sold some of these dolls to Japanese people during the Rangaku period;  the term “Dutch wives” is still sometimes used in Japan.

One of the earliest recorded appearances of manufactured sex dolls dates to 1908, in Iwan Bloch’s The Sexual Life of Our Time. (continued below)

A report that, as part of the Borghild Project, Nazi Germany made sex dolls for soldiers during World War II has not been verified by reliable sources.  The production of human simulacra to substitute for human sexual partners took several technological leaps forward in the late twentieth century. By the 1970s, vinyl, latex and silicone had become the materials most frequently used in the manufacture of sex dolls; silicone in particular allowed a greater degree of realism.

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A 1982 attempt to import sex dolls into Britain helped to create the law against importing “obscene or indecent” items.   David Sullivan’s Conegate Ltd. took the case all the way to the European Court of Justice, and won in 1987.  Britain lifted its stringent import prohibitions dating from 1876.  Imports from within the European Community, they constituted a barrier to free trade under the terms of the Treaty of Rome. 

Commercial forms

Cheaper sex dolls are inflatable, using air. These dolls, representing the lowest price-range (less than US $75), are usually made of welded vinyl and bear only a passing resemblance to actual people. They have an artificial and typically crudely designed vagina or penis;   due to their affordability many users are willing to overlook their shortcomings. They often burst at the seams after a few uses, although they are commonly given as gag gifts. In Russia for some years the Bubble Baba Challenge humorously featured participants river rafting on blowup dolls as a matter of entertainment.

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At the middle market price-range ($100 to approximately $1,000), dolls are made of thicker vinyl or heavy latex without welded seams or a polyurethane and silicone mixture. Most have plastic mannequin-style heads and styled wigs, plastic or glass eyes, and occasionally properly moulded hands and feet. Some vinyl dolls can contain water-filled body areas such as the breasts or buttocks. Latex dolls were made in Hungary, China and France but only the French manufacturer Domax now remains. 

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The manufacturing process causes most latex dolls to be delivered with a fine coating of zinc oxide covering the skin. Otherwise, latex is an inert and non-toxic natural material; although a small percentage of users may discover a latex allergy.

The most expensive sex dolls

(approximately $1,200 and up) are usually made from silicone (usually above $3,000 at 2016 prices). Dolls made of either material can be very lifelike, with faces and bodies modeled on real people in some instances, with realistic skin material, and with realistic hair. Silicone or TPE dolls are much heavier than vinyl or latex inflatable ones (which consist mostly of air); they are roughly half the weight of a real human being of comparable size.    Because of their ability to be posed in different positions, silicone dolls are popular with artists and photographers as models.

Dutch Wives

In Japan, sex dolls are known as “Dutch wives”. Their name originates from the term, possibly English, for the thick rattan or bamboo bolster, used to aid sleep in humid countries. Orient Industry is considered to be the leading manufacturer of high-end silicone dolls in Japan.

The term has stuck and is now used generally to refer to any high-end product. There is a business, Doru no Mori (Doll Forest) in Tokyo, that rents love dolls and rooms to male customers.  In March 2007,  the Japanese daily Mainichi Shimbun newspaper reported that there are also rental businesses that bring the dolls to the customer’s home.

 Sex Doll Markets

The middle market and high-end market emerged in the USA around 1992. The market has grown for two main reasons. Firstly, the last twenty years have seen huge improvements over earlier types of sex dolls. Secondly, the method of retail purchase has also improved, now showing customers what the actual doll, seams, hair, and even orifices look like.

In China,  the market has mushroomed on account of the demographic effects of the “One Child” policy. There are now sites that do not sell dolls, but just show them so that customers can make informed decisions on the aesthetics prior to purchase.

Non-standard Forms

In Japan one can purchase inflatable love pillows or “dakimakura” that are printed with a life-size picture of a porn star. Other less common novelty love dolls include overweight, intersex, elderly and alien dolls.    Some companies manufacture cloth sex dolls using the same technology that is used to create plush toys. With widespread cultural use of the internet, numerous forums exist for amateurs who create their own sex dolls. There are even mailing lists for discussing techniques and experiences with MLDs (material love dolls)


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In September 2003, the BBC reported on a “dogging” craze fueled by Internet publicity.  Dogging is a British English slang term for engaging in public sex, while others watch.  Dogging has aspects of exhibitionism and voyeurism.

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In September 2015, Kathleen Richardson of De Montfort University and Erik Billing of the University of Skövde created the Campaign Against Sex Robots, calling for aNew materials and TechnologiesSilicone dolls were at first made from tin-cure silicone but platinum technology has better longevity, less prone to tears and compression marks. For this reason the “RealDoll” manufacturer reported switching from the tin to the platinum material in June 2009 and all other manufacturers have followed suit.

 Since 2012,  a thermoplastic elastomer alternative known as TPE has come into common use particularly which has enabled realistic dolls to be made which are cheaper.  CybOrgasMatrix dolls used an elastic gel, which they claimed to be superior to silicone in elasticity, shape memory, and durability.

In June 2006, Henrik Christensen of the European Robotics Research Network told the UK’s Sunday Times that “people are going to be having sex with rob ban on the creation of anthropomorphic sex robots.  They argue that the introduction of such devices would be socially harmful, and demeaning to women and children.